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Story of Samyaputhra


           our primary objective is to support the peoplewho are affected sri by the economic crisis facing Sri Lanka by providing them with successful guidance and raising their standard of living the word “ Samyaputra “means one whois free from party politics and loves nature.

In order for Sri Lanka to recover from the economic crisis, We must adopt two basic methods.

  1. Increase the business community from 1 percent to 25 percent through non-profit private organizations that provied advice on how to run businesses that do business for the people.

  2. Implementation of successful program to increase the intellectual power of all Sri Lankan
people through knowledge and understanding Samyaputra Institute was established to achieve these objectives and only the expenses incurred in running the institute will be earned as profit. For the first time in Sri lanka all transactions are transparent and our account is available for anyone to study
in this web page where all transactions  are updated within twenty four hours.

    Businesses that our organization seeks to achieve the first thing mentioned as number one above

1  1/1 Creating Ten lakh Exporters (By visiting our home page export market you can see what is being exported and if you can export please register and let us know so you too can become an expoter)

    1/2You who are not Sri Lankans or Sri Lankans abroad and order anything under our Buyable Products tab on the home page.We promise to provide you high quality products at the lowest prices in the market.

    1/3 Directing two lakhs for foreign jobs (if you are a Sri Lankan who wants to leave for a foreign job under the heading Foreign jobs on the home page)

    1/4 Foreign you (Sri Lankan or non-Sri lankan) can apply for any position as employees by registering under the Employee vacancy Market.

    1/5 Establishment of five thousand moon  manufacturing establishments for finished goods for export.

2   Implementation of a program to in increase the power of intelligence by raising the knowledge and understanding of all .Sri Lanka regardless of race and religion.

Contact No – +94777729060
Head Office – Megodathamita Makavita Ja-Ale

          Your support in running this program is greatly  appreciated. Remember that this program is dedicated to your future,Your child’s future and the counter’s future. We think it is your responsibility to give maximum publicity for this program in social media and there are media than people who use social media. Show them them the messages we issue.

          We request all social media users to inform them. And please share the videos released by our company in all social media groups of foreign countries like Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram and give maximum publicity..

Also We urge you to study the suggestions and guidance we offer as a group and actively engage with yourself and your loved ones to make our lifestyle a success.

you can also help us financially to  make this work a huge success.if you can help us in any way, we would greatlyappreciate it. more information in this regard and loans button on the home page.